Room Acoustics

I measured room acoustics and analysed the data as a project.

The procedures can be roughly divided into two as below.

IR Measurement 
1. Generate sine sweep by using AURORA (20-20kHz) 
2. Set equipment at each place 
3. Physical measurement of spaces by using measurement and laser metre 
4. Record only noise 
5. Measure impulse responses with sine sweep 
6. Measure impulse responses with balloon 
7. Repeat acoustics measurement (2 to 6) 

Noise Measurement 
Measure noise by using CEL-254 Digital Impulse Sound Level Metre 
- Setting on sound level metre 
Mode: SPL (sound pressure level) for normal noise measurement 
Range: A LO (low range) 
Response: I (impulse response) 

And then, I calculated a reverberation time of each measurement by RT60 on MATLAB.

The basic principle of an RT60 measurement is visualized as below.

The slope of this is defined by the reverberation time.

Two speakers: Genelec 8030A  
Two microphones: AKG C414B XLII Pair  
Four microphone stands: K&M Mic Stand  
Audio Interface: PreSonus AudioBox iTwo  
XLR Male to XLR Female  
XLR Male to TRS Jack  
Sound source: Balloon  
Sound level meter: CEL-254 Digital Impulse Sound Level Metre Laser 
metre: BOSCH GLM 80 Professional

RME(Fireface 800 setting) TotalMix