Mirrorio is new style job matching service between company HR and female graduates.

In Japan, there is only one time per year ( March – April ) when companies open their doors to new graduates. We called the way of job hunting “Shukatsu”. Basically, 3rd-year students suddenly begin to prepare for shukatsu by purchasing black suits, dying their hair black and writing CV by referencing to books etc. It is absolutely difficult for both HR and recruiters to find the company or person suits them for only a few months. In addition, most of female workers quit their jobs at their life events such as  marriage, pregnancy and maternity.

Hence, I approached this problem. Mirrorio can make connections with companies HR and female undergraduates ( even freshers ), and give opportunities to think their future and find the best place for them through taking part in casual activities at office.

I and co-creator developed Mirrorio during Mitoh program which IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency) selects young creators and fund their projects around 2 million yen.

Language: Ruby 2.0.0, HTML, JavaScript 
Development Environment: Sublime Text 
Server: Heroku Other: Ruby on Rails 4.1.0 

Compatible Terminal: iOS7 (4-inch, 3.5-inch) 
Language: Objective-C 
Development Environment: Xcode Version 5.0.2, Sublime Text 
Server: Heroku 
Other: Ruby on Rails, Facebook SDK for iOS