Maglev Train

Sound Design “Future Maglev Train” I produce as a project.

The maglev train I have imaged is an amphibian in nature. The year of this setting is 2146 and the effects of climate change have led to rising global temperatures. Thus, global warming causes sea-level rise and we cannot be inevitable to live with these problems in the future.

In this project, I focus on a maglev train at the time and imagine it will run even underwater. The scene of my sound design can be divided into three parts. At the beginning, the train just arrives at the underground station and the sound of dropping water is echoing through the station like a tunnel made of concrete. In middle part, the train starts running to outside with increasing pace and jump into the water with a splash. In the end, the train keeps running under the water and arrives at the next underground station.

・Microphones: BlueBird, AKG - C414B XLⅡ Pair 
・Two XRL cables 
・Audio Interface: Fireface 800 
・Preamp: D.A.V electronics 
・Stereo Volume Controller : Volume2 
・Speaker for monitoring : GENELEC  
・Mac Book Pro 
・Sound sources 
Soda (Redbull), Pet bottle (7up), Book, Tea, Salt, Spice, 
Plastic container, Thermos bottle, Pocket tissue, Cloth, 
Tape, Medicine, Trump, Scissors, Stapler, Hole punch, Metal rack, 
Plastic bag, Electric razor, Drawing pins, Pencil Sharpener, 
Paper bag, Screwdriver, Chopsticks, Chopsticks case, Deodorant, 
Pen, Nail file, Rice, Hair dryer, Violin case, Violin, Mute, 
Shoulder pad, Bow, Laptop (Mac) 

・RME(Fireface 800 setting)